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7/21/20232 min read

So, what’s the best season for senior photos in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC? Actually, there is no best season. It all depends on you! But.. wink, wink… there is definitely a preference, as far as I’m concerned. Let me explain and let know if you feel me!!!

One reason why it’s so ideal being a senior photographer in this Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area is the ability to photograph seniors 7 to 8+ months of the year. We live where the weather is mostly reasonable and not terribly extreme most of the year. Therefore, we can shoot in any season, for the most part. That allows for choice and flexibility. So the question is, how do you decide which season is best for your senior photos? Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when thinking about your senior photo session.


-What vision do I have for my senior photos and what season will help give me that vision? Does your inspiration board in your mind or on paper, include oranges, greens, yellows in the background? Then Fall would work best.

-What kind of clothes do I love wearing most? Do you love jeans, sweaters, jackets and boots? And on an entirely different plane and to get really basic and honest, do you hate being sweaty??? Then Fall or Winter would be best.

-What do you think your schedule will be? When are you the busiest? Seniors are kind of very busy in the spring, as you may have a spring break trip, prep for and going to prom, plans for graduation, overall senior life. But you may have additional things on your schedule at different times of school year, such as sports, that will determine when you are the busiest.

-When do you need the photos? Maybe submitting a photo to the yearbook for an ad is on the agenda, then you may need your photos before a specific deadline, which is usually late fall or winter. If you are using your photos for a graduation party, then you will need to receive your photos in plenty of time to mail out the invitations.


Now, as a photographer, Fall is lovely and wins, hands down!!! But, the rest of the seasons are definitely a close second!!!!

FALL is an exciting time because you’re starting you memorable senior year, (that excitement translates into the pictures) the weather is getting cool, but not yet cold, and the colors on the trees are vibrant beautiful shades. But in the interest of balance, here’s a rundown of some of the pros and cons of Fall.


-seniors are always going to have a full schedule, but hopefully in the fall you may have just a tad more time·

-you’ll get your photos in time for special dedication and ad pages in your yearbook· the excitement of senior year is in full swing. Hopefully you’re not yet too busy with applications·

-mild temperatures·

-take advantage of of beautiful colors, as well as there's the option to combine warm and cool weather fashion favs


-sun sets earlier, so ideal light might mean shooting earlier in the day·

-if you play a fall sport you may be super preoccupied and very busy


No matter the season, I will love to be there for you and take your senior photos. The BEST season is NOW!! Let’s get started. And the first step is easy. Click the link and touch base so we can talk about planning your senior photoshoot!!