Glad to Meet You

"Hi, I'm Sonia Greenaway Mickle and I'm married to my yummy hubby Rodney and we have 2 boys, Miles and Cam. Bronx born, but DC area is now home!!!

I love being a mom and I loved being pregnant and I bring a special sensitivity, sensibility, and appreciation for this time in life. My kids are now teenagers, lots of things are changing as they grow up, but what I realize is that we have to love and cherish our children. I want to uplift our young men and women. That's why Senior Photography is a focus for Beautiful Awesome Moments (BAM). Making our children feel special is very important to me. Capturing their life in images is so worthwhile to us as parents, and to them, to lift up, as well as let them know we recognize them and value them. It's a special time in their life. I love to help seniors feel special, look dope, and have a wonderful memorable experience. I've been through senior year with my older son. I know how important senior portraits are and recognize that senior year is super special!!

Taking pictures is what I love doing and I view photos as works of art celebrating your life. My approach to photography is that I want you to have fun. I want to have fun and produce great images for you. Nothing formal going on here, no strict posing, just positive energy for you to be you!!

So let's get started!!"

Black woman photographer holding camera in Fort Washington Maryland
Black woman photographer holding camera in Fort Washington Maryland