What Goes On Behind the Scenes To Create Senior Photos

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5/5/20241 min read

A lot of times all you see is the photographer taking the photo. But have you ever wondered what else happens to create the perfect senior photos? Let’s break it down…

  • Client communication - I want to make sure each of my clients has all the info they need to be ready for their shoot day so I send out emails throughout the process to help. Some of the client communications I try to share with my clients include my Welcome Guide, Questionnaire, Style Guide, and Print and Product Price Sheet

  • Location Scouting - finding those perfect locations to give each senior the look they want for their photos is part of my job! I want to make sure I have unique options for each client.

  • Posing - helping each client feel comfortable and confident is part of the experience so I make sure to practice the poses myself! Because if I can do them, I know my clients can too!

  • Editing - I have spent years perfecting my editing technique to make sure each photo is a true representation of my client. I also want to make sure to pay attention to the details and take out anything that distracts from my subject.

  • Product Creating and Ordering - Prints and products are part of the experience I offer, so making sure to offer a curated line of the best options, customizing them to fit the needs of each client, ordering them and delivering them is all a part of the Beautiful Awesome Moments experience.

I absolutely love everything I do to help my senior clients have the best possible experience and to capture their senior year! Providing a stress free session is my goal!

If you're a high school student, get in touch to book your senior photo session. I look forward to creating a wonderful experience for you!!!