What A Senior Photo Session With Me Looks Like

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7/21/20233 min read

Sometimes Senior Sessions just go really well, perfectly…from the weather, to the wardrobe, to the hair, and makeup!

Sometimes things go left, like it starts to rain midway or the sun shows up and is a little wonky or your location ends up not being the best or folks unexpectedly show up in a spot you had scouted out and now, that secluded spot is not as perfect.

This session below was one of those sessions where everything just came together. Everything about this session was perfect – from her hair, eyelashes (which was her minimal makeup choice) her styling, the scenery complimenting her outfit, the weather and even the dreary, cloud covered sky…everything just worked in our favor!

So in this blog I'm going to do a little question and answer session with myself. Yes, it's a one on one interview. A sit down session with myself going over the play by play of a Senior Photo Session. Thanks for indulging me!!!

What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?

I wanted a natural setting for her Senior session, but with variety. I sent my senior questionnaire and asked about what she wanted to wear. She said her style was laid back, casual, and she played basketball. I really wanted the photos to represent her as a Senior so I wanted soft, subtle beauty, and a little edge and beautiful images to compliment her warm personality.

Where did this photo shoot take place?

At a local park. I've been there a ton of times but didn't realize how many gems were there. I love shooting there but not making it obvious where the images were taken.

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?

6D Mark I with 50mm 1.4L lens.

What time of day were these taken?

Evening before sunset. My preference is shooting in the early evening hours. Plus, it's convenient for working parents and for high school students who have busy extracurricular activities.

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?

As I said, this was a pretty chill day. Cloud cover gave way to a pretty consistent lighting situation, which I loved. No opportunity for backlit sunny pictures, but thems the breaks. It was overcome by really nice even light. In terms of processing, my main work and concern was the grass and trying not to make her look too green or make the scene too green. Thus, the grass looks a strong green straight out of camera and a little harsh to the eye. I love color but I had to learn to tone it down because sometimes greens can be overwhelming and too powerful for an image. I love my images to be soft and peaceful. So the solution is to soften. By muting the greens, by eliminating some greens and yellow, it completely transforms the images to look more lovely and heavenly.

What's my favorite thing about this session?

I love the vibe, her sense of knowing how she wanted to come across, her styling, the subtle posing, and light.

What do you want this session to convey about this senior and about your senior photography style?

This session is a favorite because to me it really captures both my style as a photographer but also captures the style and personality of the Senior. You get to see her interests... she likes basketball. She's relaxed and enjoying herself. I got to talk and engage with her and I felt she was comfortable and trusted the process, which helps in getting those great images. You can tell that she has a sweet spirit about her – someone who loves to laugh. She rocked it for the camera and turned out to be a total supermodel on command! I love images that captures the specialness of my Senior. Captures the eyes. I like beautiful light, movement, and pictures that appear full of life. So this session represents my brand and style of photography the best.

What is one thing you try to do regarding photographing seniors?

I try to put them at ease, make them feel comfortable, and help them see themselves as beautiful. I hope that this helps them to come alive for the camera! If they are starting off nervous, apprehensive, or a little uncomfortable, I make sure to show them one favorite image on the back of the camera to help them realize that they're off to a great start. This gives them that boost of confidence. Once they see that they look amazing, we're off to the races and ready to get those great images. In terms of prior to the session, I send a questionnaire to get to know my Senior a little better and I do a quick phone call so they ca hear my voice and my demeanor. And when it comes down to the actually session, it's directing and inspiring, and listening to my Senior. But Most important, I want them to have fun!!!!