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5/7/20242 min read

Crystal City Arlington Virginia Senior Session with Girl
Crystal City Arlington Virginia Senior Session with Girl

Preparing for a senior photo session and feeling a tad unsure about what to wear is usually the norm and more than ok! You want to look good for your's a unique milestone in your life. Choosing an outfit that reflects your personality, makes you look good, gives you that confident feel, and keeps you cool and comfortable is key. Here are some tips and things to think about when planning what to wear.

Avoid Being Trendy

You know what you like. If it's a trend you like and something that you would actually wear, go for it. If it's not you and just a trend, avoid it. For example, if you actually love wearing hats and if maybe a cowboy hat is part of your fashion arsenal, regularly, wear it. Don't let it wear you just because Beyonce is now wearing it so well. It should feel like you. This also relates to wearing logos or graphics. If something you wear has a logo or graphic, it may be on trend today. However, it potentially can be off trend or look dated sometime soon after your session. So bottom line: avoid the trendy.

Be Yourself

Authenticity is an important aspect of your senior pictures. My advice is to wear outfits that make you feel comfortable and super confident. Your clothes closet and what you wear should reflect your personal style and interests. You should be your authentic self, whether you're in front of the camera lens, walking down the street, or hanging out on the weekends. Whether your style is casual, classic, bohemian, athletic, eclectic,etc, be you. Even if you haven't clearly identified a name for your style, you have a style. And the takeaway from that is that you should be you. I want you to be feeling comfortable and confident for your shoot and leaving feeling special and amazing! Be your unique self and be yourself.

Accessorize But Don't Overwhelm

Got accessories that you love to wear? Definitely you can include them in your shoot. Pick and choose. Don't overwhelm outfits that already reflect the real you by doing a "pile on" of accessories. Choose accessories that complement your clothing without overpowering it. Cool, charming jewelry, colorful scarves, interesting hats, belts, bracelets, etc. are options to add to your look, without taking away from your look, or focusing the spotlight on the accessory.

Be Comfortable

Wear something that will help you feel comfortable. Plain and simple. So keep this in mind when choosing what to wear.

What's Your Season

When you are deciding to do your session, think about what is your season. What clothes are your favorites to wear, what are your favorite colors, what textures do you enjoy wearing, what clothes do you think you look good in, and how do you feel during particular seasons. These are considerations to keep in mind and can help you determine what you may want to wear during your senior photo shoot.

So many ideas and now, where to start? Fill out the form below today, and we will start planning for your senior photoshoot day. Ready, already!! 😊