Senior Photo Session Checklist and Tips

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4/9/20243 min read


Think about this a moment:

* What do you want your senior pictures to say about you? Something fun, sophisticated, down to earth, stylish, classic??

* Remember, you’re going to look at these pictures in the years to come.

What do you want THEM to say about you? The point is your pics should represent your best YOU!

* Girls, if you wear makeup, wear what feels comfortable and natural. Wearing more mascara than normal will really bring out your eyes and allow them to 'POP'. But here's my FYI, I only wear makeup every now and then. So you do you!😊

* Guys, whatever is your look or vibe, go for it and look your best by just doing you!😊

* Don't try new hairstyles right before your shoot unless you are comfortable with a change in your look.

* Girls, don’t be afraid to pull your hair back during your session, It’ll give you an entirely different look.

* Ironing. You'll want to make sure everything's nice and pressed before your session. Wrinkles will show.

* Don't forget to bring along jewelry, rings, necklaces, changes of shoes, hair accessories, etc.!!!


* You can have at least one outfit change within a 1 hr session. Don't just bring a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans. Shake it up a bit. Decide what you would like to wear.

* Avoid stripes & plaids! Solids photograph much better! Bring a variety of color and avoid clothing with words (except for school logo). Choose something classic (parents will love), bring something fun and trendy (all about you), you can even be adventurous. Vary the style, you don’t want all your pictures looking the same. Light, bright, dark and interesting. Bring the style you prefer or bring both just in case.

* Bring a variety of color; don't bring all blue outfits even if it is your favorite color. Change up the style. Plan all your outfits because I will take photos that are close- up, full length, and in between. Also remember, it is best to do one or two outfits that mom will like, then we can do the stuff you like.

* Wear solid colors, no large distracting patterns.

* Certain colors look best for different seasons outdoors. Spring and summer - sky blue, khaki, pale green, pink, watermelon, dark peach. In Fall - Red, gold, deep orange, emerald green, and dark green.

* Be careful with baggy clothes, they may make you look larger than you are. Make sure your clothes flatter you. Make sure you have something that you like as well as something that your parents will like, just to cover all the bases.

* You may want to avoid very short skirts as they may restrict your movement and poses.

* Guys: Casual is fine. If you dress in a suit that’s fine as well, if that’s what you wear. White shirts look best under a jacket.


* Nails DO show, so make sure they look nice. Some casual shots are done barefoot, so same applies to those toes.😊


* Keep it simple to keep the attention on YOU. But point is... go with whatever is your style.


• Bring props that tell who you are and reflect things in play in your life. Popular choices are:

-Favorite Book
-Cell Phone
- Musical Instrument
- Sports equipment-

-LetterJacket, Cleats / shoes / boots/spikes
-Uniform / Jersey
- Pom Poms

-Balls: basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, tennis ball, etc.
- Gloves: boxing, goalkeeper, baseball, football, rodeo
- Helmet / Hat
- Equipment: bat, racket, hockey stick, wakeboard, skate board, snowboard, skis, lasso, rifle, golf clubs, swimming goggles, hurdle, etc.
- Keys, Keyring
- Cap & Gown
-Senior Ring
-Artwork: paintings, drawings

- Trophies / Medals you’ve won
- Ball cap, cowboy hat, other hats
- Tennis Shoes, High Heels, Boots
- Anything with school name and/or mascot on it: tee shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, pennant, poster

- Sunglasses

Hobbies or Anything that...

-you enjoy
- makes you happy
- is important to you
- you are interested in
- love
- you aspire to be
- you use in your daily life


* Pets are good, just make sure you bring someone with you that can control them while we are busy taking the rest of your pictures. You may want to bring a pet carrier. Treats are good to keep a dog’s attention.

Outdoor Portraits. I am a natural light photographer so your pictures will be taken at an outdoor location.