Can Special Props Be Used During My Senior Photoshoot? | Alexandria Virginia Senior Photography

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7/21/20231 min read

I Like To Use Props.

Let me clarify. I like to use props, if you feel comfortable using props. I like to use props, if they contribute to the story you want to share about yourself. I like to use props, if they are an integral element that represents you. The key to using props in a photo session is if it adds, not distracts or detracts your attention away from the main element, which is you. I do not want props to take away from the simple beauty that I like to capture during a session, albeit a senior session or any portrait session.

So What If I Have A Special Prop or Outfit I Want Used During My Shoot?

If you have a special prop that has meaning, like an instrument you love playing, equipment from a sport you play, a trophy, medal, or plaque, or maybe a special outfit that you would like to wear, that is no problem. I even have a clothes closet that you can check out and choose something that catches your eye. I'll take several photos with the prop or in whatever special outfit you end up wearing. I understand that there are instances when these items help make a photo shoot special. I'm here to help you capture memories.

Gather Your Items, Outfits, and Special Props Prior to Photoshoot. Great, Let's Discuss!

Gather your props, outfits, aka accessories you would like to include in your photoshoot. We can definitely talk about what you have in mind to include as part of your session. But you don't need to bring anything or anything besides yourself. The session will still go fine. This is to say that you are enough. The extra stuff is to speak !😊

So there you have it. My short and sweet perspective on having props at a senior photoshoot or any portrait shoot. I can't wait to capture you and this special year in your life...soon!!!